Share, try, and iterate on code together using Sturdy’s supercharged workspaces. It’s like Slack instead of email.

Develop locally — with extra power from the cloud

Sturdy automatically keeps track of the changes you make locally and makes them instantly available for you and your team. This gives you the power of the cloud, while keeping the convenience of your existing development tools.

Look at all the things you're not doing!

Have an idea
git pull
git checkout -b feature
Write the code
git add .
git commit -m "My change"
git push -u origin feature
Create Pull Request

Humane code review

Let’s face it — a Pull Request review is either a nitpick fest or a blind LGTM. Our goal is to make meaningful collaboration the default. Getting somebody else’s code to your computer is a one click step. Creating code suggestions is just a matter of typing in your local editor.

Manual branching & pushing is so 2009

Your tools should empower you and allow you to focus on what you do best. This is why Sturdy is getting out of its way — to get out of your way. Sturdy saves and shares your changes automatically. Create as many workspaces as you want and switch between them effortlessly.

Works nicely with your existing tools

Sturdy and GitHub can be used side by side by different people on the same project. Your existing integrations and CI/CD will continue to work just like before. At the same time, staying in sync with your team will be easier than ever.

Ship faster

Spend more time doing, less time undoing

Sturdy is the perfect workflow for group projects, teams, and startups.

Automatic sync

Sturdy automatically syncs your work. There's no push or pull. Sync your work with the team when you're ready.

Use any editor

Use Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ, vim, or any other editor. Sturdy supports them all, and does not force you to use a web based editor.

Full history

Sturdy keeps track of all changes in your project, just like git. And easily allows you to restore or revert changes.


It's OK to make mistakes. If something goes wrong, fixing it is always 1 click away. Revert to any point in history with a single click.


We want you to ship code as fast as possible. Sturdy removes everything that's in your way. Comment, suggest, and review code in real-time.

No command line

Control your code from the web. We know what you want to do, so that you don't have to remember.

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