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Kiril VidelovFebruary 21, 2022

We have some really exciting news to share — Sturdy is now open-source! As developers, we love OSS, so to say that we are thrilled about this announcement would be an understatement!


Sturdy is now officially an open-source project. You can check out the GitHub repository and, while you are there, giving us a ⭐️ would be awesome!

The project is open to contributions from everyone! We love to receive your feedback, bug reports, issues, and even code! If you would like to get involved, check out the contribution guidelines.

Within the Sturdy team, we use Sturdy for its own development and have the codebase and the repo connected using the GitHub integration. This allows us to develop on Sturdy and also take community contributions.

Running your own Sturdy instance

We know that for some teams, trying a new SaaS at work involves a lot of red tape. This is why we created an easy way to try Sturdy locally using Docker — the setup takes only a few minutes and you can still try most of the features.

To get started, run this one-liner:

docker run --interactive \
    --pull always \
    --publish 30080:80 \
    --volume "$HOME/.sturdydata:/var/data" \

You can find a detailed description of the setup over in our docs.

Of course, Sturdy in the Cloud is still the easiest way to use Sturdy with zero setup. At the same time, adding the ability to self-host Sturdy makes it accessible to even more teams.

Introducing organizations

Sturdy now has organizations. The way it works is simple — an organization has members and codebases. Developers who are members of an organization automatically have access to all codebases in the organization.

As a developer, you can have multiple organizations to create separation — for example between personal projects and work.

Organizations are now used to manage your billing and license keys.

Updated Documentation

Over the past few weeks we have been working on beefing up our docs. As developers ourselves we always check the docs of tools in order to understand how they really work.

We have added articles with detailed run-downs of how different aspects of Sturdy work. For example:

...and many others. As we move forward we will be investing even more in the documentation.

New home page

Our home page has received a redesign to better the goals and vision for Sturdy. It has a few GIFs showing a number of workflows — here is a teaser:

Thanks for being with us on this journey for better code collaboration!
— Kiril

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