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Let's build some amazing developer tooling together!

About Sturdy

At Sturdy we're replacing Git with real-time collaboration in the cloud!

This is a great opportunity to be one of the first employees at a fast moving and open-source startup, funded by Y Combinator! We’re building tech for techies, and naturally really take pride in both the software that we’re writing and the product that we’re building, and hope that you do too!

Sturdy is growing

We're looking for experienced engineers to join our team, who wants to play a crucial role in designing Sturdy, and making us known to the world!

What we do

We're building the future of how coders like you and me are collaborating on code. With Sturdy developers don't have to fight branches, pull requests, or crazy command line arguments to get things done.

We regularly post about tech and product on our blog .

Meet our team

  • Kiril Videlov Co-Founder / CEO at Sturdy

    Kiril Videlov

    Co-Founder / CEO


  • Gustav Westling Co-Founder / CTO at Sturdy

    Gustav Westling

    Co-Founder / CTO


  • Nikita Galaiko Founding Software Engineer at Sturdy

    Nikita Galaiko

    Founding Software Engineer

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