Product Intro

What is Sturdy?

Sturdy is an open-source version control platform focused on:

  • Expressiveness — actions performed by developers should be directly mapped to intent
  • Real-time feedback — exchange of code ideas in a team should be frictionless

What does Sturdy do?

As an individual

Sturdy gives you a highly automated workflow. Here are a few examples:

  • Get straight to coding — no need for pushing or fetching changes [docs]
  • Seamlessly switch between tasks — no need for stashing or creating temporary commits [docs]
  • Develop faster with an tighter "code — describe changes — ship" loop [docs]

As a team

Using Sturdy makes shipping of small and incremental changes the intuitive default. It is built around real-time collaborative features:

  • See each other's code live, as it's being written, opening the opportunity for early discussions and feedback [docs]
  • Try someone else's code on your computer with a single click [docs]
  • Suggest code changes/ideas to a colleague by simply typing in your IDE [docs]

Who is Sturdy for?

Sturdy is for:

  • Developers and teams who are interested in adopting continuous delivery or taking it to the next level
  • Engineers who just want to focus on coding and iterating quickly while spending less time with Git
  • Experienced developers who review and give feedback to many pull requests in their team
  • Software teams who want to boost collaboration and knowledge sharing
ℹ️ You can use Sturdy by yourself and benefit from an optimized workflow even without anybody else on your team using it.

Can I use Sturdy together with Git?

Yes. Sturdy is built using the same low-level components as git (via libgit2) and has a bridge integration with GitHub. This means that you can use Sturdy on top of your existing GitHub setup, compatible with your existing branch protection and CI/CD and other integrations.

Sturdy can also import your existing git history, as well as export the history back out to git.

How do I get started?

Try out Sturdy in the Cloud with zero setup (for free, no credit card required). Or run a self-hosted instance of Sturdy anywhere.