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Share a subfolderof your Git repo

With Sturdy you can get code contributions to specific files or folders without the need to share your entire Git repository.

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Share specific files and folders from your Git repository

Sturdy allows you to share only parts of your Git repository. This way you can get external help with your project without the need to share all sources within a repository. Sturdy acts as a filter between Git and contributors eliminating the need for full clones of the repository on developer workstations. Each local change is securely integrated with the rest of the repository in real time.

Role-based access control

Setup roles and access control lists that suit your organization. Sturdy allows you to create inclusion and exclusion filters per role. Collaborators will only see files and folders matching your access control lists.

Sturdy ACL

Plugs into your existing workflow

Sturdy integrates with your existing Git workflow. There is no need to split your repository in order to protect the sensitive parts of your codebase. Sturdy integrates with GitHub and sits between your repository and contributors, enabling partial access to the Git repository. Such granular authorization would normally be impossible with pure Git.

Sturdy integrations

Pull Request contributions without access to your repository

Sturdy creates Pull Requests on behalf of your contributors. This way code changes can be integrated and reviewed without the need to add third party developers to your codebase. At the same time, collaborators can see test results from your existing Continuous Integration pipelines, no additional setup needed.

Sturdy Pull request integration


Designed for your enterprise needs

Sturdy combines the strengths of Git compatibility with robust access control and monitoring.

Least Privilege Principle

Protect your Intellectual Property by staying in control over access to sources. Limit the exposure in the event of a developer workstation being compromised.

Easy setup

No need to split your repository and deal with code or artefact dependencies. No need to configure Git submodules or subtrees. No need to create new CI pipelines. Sturdy plugs into your existing workflow.

Code review and collaboration

Sturdy offers a number of review and collaboration tools for sharing feedback and helping one another.

Run on your hardware

Sturdy can be installed on your own hardware that you control.

Identity providers

Integrates with a number of identity providers: OAuth, SAML, Active Directory.

Monitor access

Sturdy provides usage and access logs appropriate for compliance and regulatory needs.

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