Instant draft change switching

Navigate between open drafts with one click

Because Sturdy manages the codebase folder on your workstation , jumping between different work efforts is really easy. It takes a single click to move your development environment to another draft change, either yours or created by your team. All of this without losing any of your work in progress.

We are building Sturdy in order to make experimentation and collaboration on code easier. Instant draft change switching is particularly useful when you:

  • Suddenly spot something small that you wish to fix and deploy separately
  • Would like to run somebody else's code on your machine
  • Wish to make a code suggestion to your teammate

Compared to checking out different Git branches, switching between open draft changes is a very lightweight operation.

There is no need to stash your work in progress because Sturdy manages keeps track of every change automatically in the cloud.

There is no need to add and fetch remotes in order to get your colleague's latest code because changes are always synchronized in real time.

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