Live Feedback

Sturdy is about real-time collaboration

There are two key points to how Sturdy works that are very different from other source control tools:
  • Code management and collaboration happens in the browser - creating and undoing changes, sharing and discussing with colleagues.
  • Editing and running code happens on your workstation using your favorite text editor or IDE.

When a directory on your computer is connected to Sturdy, it gains real-time superpowers. As you code in this directory, the changes that you make are instantly shared to Sturdy and made available for your team to comment and give feedback on.

The way this works, you can use any of your existing tools and editors for writing and testing code "locally". At the same time you no longer need to worry about manually sharing code. It also works the other way around - if you undo a change in the browser or go back to an earlier state of your work, the sturdy directory will be instantly updated.

Draft changes

In Sturdy you're coding in isolation from each other, in what we're calling a Draft Change. You can have as many drafts as you want, and easily switch between which one that you want to open on your computer from Sturdy. The changes in a draft are continuously saved, and when you're coming back to an older draft change, everything will be restored to just how you left it.

Jumping between draft changes in Sturdy
Jumping between draft changes in Sturdy

Because Sturdy saves work automatically you can easily and safely jump to another draft and try out the code on your computer and then go back to to what you are working on before.

All drafts in a codebase are available to all of it's collaborators. When you go to someone else's draft in the browser, you'll see what they are up to right now. From there, you can comment on their code in real-time, and if you want to give suggestions for improvements, checking out their draft on your computer is just one click away.

Commenting on live code in Sturdy
Commenting on live code in Sturdy

Sturdy is shifting left, and you can give and take feedback on code as soon as it's been written! In Git-based workflows it's not uncommon for code to be shared only after it's considered to be “complete”, and you might discover way to late that you've been working on the wrong thing all along.

Your team deserve live-feedback, sign up to Sturdy now!